So much to do…

So much to do…

The reason for this blog post being so delayed is because of the hectic but fantastic weekend I’ve had. Classes this past week were great like usual and everything seemed to be going great until Friday night when my cousin came unannounced to pick me up in the middle of date night with my boyfriend. However, it was fine and I packed up to go home. Then on Saturday I was surprised when my mom told me that I would be the DD for the night because we had to go to three different weddings in one night. So, naturally, I didn’t get a lot of sleep of the course of my weekend at home and now I’m lying on the floor of my dorm exhausted. My body barely wants to write this out but it’s alright, I should feel better after a good nights sleep. ❤ I did however have a really nice time at my youngest sister’s birthday party and I was happy that I could make it home to attend so it was all worth it in the end for her. ❤

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