Crafts and Coping <3

Crafts and Coping <3

Being at college can be very stressful at times as evident by many of the students that attend. So! I thought it would be fun to try to help myself get through that stress by crafting more and making clothing items and also plushies. I also thought it would be a really great idea to start posting sewing tutorials for the things that I make as I go along so that others can learn for free without having to but tons of fancy patterns. I’m also starting off each day now by writing something positive and putting it on a post-it note and then sticking it on the wall by my bed so that I’ll be motivated right away for the day.~ As for the plushie tutorials, as a reward for beating a video game I’ll be making an object from that game. For example, for Kingdom hearts I’ll make a paopu fruit. I would like to do this for short games as well and I just finished one recently so I’d like to start working on that shortly. I hope everything goes well! ❤

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