Updates! (aka sorry for my absence)

Updates! (aka sorry for my absence)

Hello everyone! So I have exciting news for this amazing new year! I have officially decided to start a Youtube channel featuring tutorials on costumes, makeup, and possibly even wigs. I would also love to start vlogging when I go to conventions, especially with Acen coming up in May. Although it may be the only convention I can attend this year, I think it will be a good start! 🙂 Because of the convention coming up however, I will try my best to post tutorials as I make my assortment of costumes, both to here, and to Youtube. You can find me on Youtube as (of course) TheJasmineKitten. No videos are up yet but I’ll try my best to get one out soon. Hopefully just an intro to start off and then some tutorials. Thank you to everyone who follows me on social media for your support and I look forward to being able to communicate more! Happy new year~

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